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April 04 2016


Mattify Cosmetics ~ Makeup for greasy Skin

Makeup for Oily Skin
Mattify Cosmetics will be your one-stop-shop for products for greasy skin! You can expect an array of items, including mineral makeup for oily skin, to continuously absorb unsightly oil. Our powder based products contain kaolin clay - which absorbs an astonishing 3x the weight in oil, in order to avoid oily skin from ruining your makeup.

Mattify Cosmetics Makeup for Oily Skin
Select from our distinct 100% natural powder products, including: Mattify Transparent Powder for Oily Skin, Longer lasting Mineral Blush, Mattify Tinted Mineral Makeup for shiny Skin, Mattify �Conceal-Zit� Concealer for Acne Prone Skin, Strobing Highlighter, Contouring Matte Bronzer, and Long Lasting Eye Shadow with Internal Primer.

Our new fat based products help heal acne and encourage skin to produce less oil. Try our Aloe Gel Moisturizer for greasy Skin, The Exfoliator, and Acrylic Combinations for shiny Scalp and Acne Prone Skin.

Many chemical and alcohol based products only make oily skin worse, which enable it to exacerbate acne. Unlike all kinds of other kinds of mineral makeup out there, our products do not contain irritants for example Talc and Bismuth Oxychloride; instead all of them are natural, and never contain harsh �filler� ingredients. Each ingredient has become hand-selected with care, to focus on specific skin complaints. Our entire web site is specialized in finding solutions for those who suffer from oily skin, sensitive skin, and zits. Visit us at www.mattifycosmetics.com to see articles on natural skin care tips, makeup reviews, the way to stop oily skin, natural options for oily skin, matte makeup, as well as the best suggested products for oily skin.

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